Claiming anonymously to be an author is dubious. Is the blog commercial? I don't think so thus threats of legal action are way overboard and raise doubts as to the claim - in this case it would constitute fair use of an image. If you want credit, send information that identifies you as the author (this does not have to be a link). If you don't want your work on a blog, just ask politely without making threats.

Thank you for your support! I agree with you, but it’s still not my work so I’m not willing to take a potential risk of a copywrite dispute. Even though I only have good intentions, I understand the worries from the original author. The author in question has now identified himself, but I choose not to publish the details here, that might lead to others spreading his work too.

I’ll also make a post about my thought and intentions with publishing others work later today.

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  • Posted: 20 September 2012